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1st Marbella International Plastic Surgery Summerschool.

1st Marbella International Plastic Surgery Summerschool organized by Dr. Kai Kaye and Ocean Clinic Team.
Today we are back in Madrid after attending the 1st Marbella International Plastic Surgery Summerschool. 
I am back bringing with me good quality science and techniques in order to give our patients always the best quality treatment.
In Plastic Surgery, and in general in medicine it’s paramount to update frequently. Constant evolution is going on, so we need to share with our colleagues worldwide our techniques and also discuss pearls and pitfalls, which is the best way of keeping actualized in Plastic and Aesthetic surgery, and learning more and more every day.
During the 1st Marbella International Plastic Surgery Summerschool, we discussed about most of the Aesthetic Surgery procedures like face lift, blepharoplasty, breast surgery, body surgery like abdominoplasty, and of course all the lipofilling techniques for face, breast, buttocks… And also some reconstructive procedures like breast reconstruction.
We could attend three sessions of wonderful and interesting live surgery:
  1. PAVE (peeling assisted volume enhancing) Facelift by Dr. Kai Kaye.
  2. Breast reduction by Dr. Massud Mamarvar.
  3. Breast augmentation with autologous fat transfer (BEAULI method) by Dr. Klaus Ueberreiter.
And also super important having met wonderful international colleagues, which I hope can meet again in further meetings!
Special congratulations to Dr. Kai Kaye and all the Ocean Clinic team for a wonderful organization, perfect scientific and social program.
Thank You so much and hope to meet at the 2nd Marbella International Plastic Surgery Summerschool!!! 😉 1st Marbella International Plastic Surgery Summerschool 2016-08-01 2016-08-01 (4) 2016-08-01 (3) 2016-08-01 (2) 2016-08-01 (1) 2016-07-29 09.40.36 2016-07-29 18.41.30 2016-07-29 12.35.14 2016-07-28 08.35.14 2016-07-27 20.50.06 2016-07-30 13.44.15 13879248_10206901590679780_3667128514965398225_n

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